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Pandurang Shastri Athavale

Pandurang Shastri Athavale
Pandurang Shastri Athavale, popularly known as Dada, is a philosopher cum social reformer. He is credited with being the founder of the Swadhyay Movement. Not present in the world anymore, Pandurang Shastri Vaijnath Athavale was known for giving extremely moving discourses on Srimad Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads. Infact, he tried to motivate his followers to spread the thoughts of Geeta in the society. Given below is the complete biography of Pandurang Shastri Athavale

His Life History
Pandurang Shastri Athavale was born on 19th October 1920, in the Roha village near Mumbai city. His grandfather was Laxman Rao, a renowned scholar and Brahmin who was involved in the spread of Bhagavad Gita amongst the Dalits. Pandurang grew up watching his grandfather go to the Dalit area and then take a bath after coming back home. Surprised by this act, he asked Laxman "If in the Bhagavad Gita the Lord exclaims that God exists within all human hearts, then how can anyone, including the so-called 'untouchables', be considered inferior to anyone else?"

After that, he made a vow to himself that he would always try to see the God within others. Hence, he became the proponent of the concept of "In-dwelling God". By the age of 22 years, Pandurang Shastri Athavale started giving discourses at the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Pathshala, a school that was set up by his father. In the year 1954, he attended the Second World Religions Conference, which was held in Japan. At the conference, he delivered a speech on the concepts of Vedic ideals as well as the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

Even though most of the people rebuffed his views; there was one person who was very impressed with him. He was Dr. Wilson Compton, who then offered Pandurang a post in the USA to spread his ideas and views. However, Pandurang politely turned down the offer. He then devoted himself in establishing a model community, through the spread of Vedic thoughts and message of the Bhagavad Gita. Thus was born the Swadhyay (meaning 'self study') Movement, which spread the message of the holy book not only in India, but the whole world.

The family members of the Swadhyay Pariwar are called 'Swadhyayees' and include people from the upper as well as the lower classes. The Swadhyayees who spread the ideas of Athavale throughout the country are known as "Krutisheels' or the people of action. Pandurang Shastri Athavale also founded an institute, known as Tatvagyan Vidhyapeeth, where young people study and learn his views and ideas. Pandurang left for the holy abode on 25th October 2003, in Mumbai. His adopted daughter, Jayshree Talwalkar, is carrying on his work today.

• Ramon Magsaysay Award in Manila, Philippines (1996) - for community leadership
• Templeton Prize in Westminster Abbey, London (1997)
• Padma Vibhushan (1998) - for his efforts towards social reform


Vijay Mehta M.D. said...
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Vijay Mehta M.D. said...
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Vijay Mehta M.D. said...

Dear Jyoti,

Before you anoit Pandurang with other great Indian leaders I would suggest you do some research of your own. What you narrated is simply the official version from Swadhyay. However there is two sides to each story and it would serve readers to evaluate the other side of the story.

Real Athawale was quite a different man. No spiritual leader in recent history has accumulated so much wealth under the name of 'impersonal wealth’ and then suddenly converted to his ‘personal wealth'
You would not find any other organization besides Swadhyay who collected millions of dollars/rupees for earthquake relief and then have no houses to show. His preaching and practice were far apart.

Pankaj Trivedi who was a devout follower of Swadhyay for years was brutally murdered in June of 2006 by ten Swadhyayees and several of them were very close to dada and didi. The culture of violence and torture extends to the highest level in Swadhyay.

All you need to do is to google ‘Pankaj Trivedi’ or go to the blog at

Few of the facts you shall find are:

Templeton award was achieved by false presentation and propaganda by his followers.

He proclaimed that he will use every penny (of Templeton Award) for helping the poor but he used none.

Any one who has dared to ask the question has been threatened or beaten up.

Swadhyay has crores of rupees in multiple trusts they are all controlled by Athawale family.

Pandurang Athawale even filed for a patent on the likeness of Foreswear - Lord Krishna and are now in litigaion with a mandir in Mumbai. The deity of Lord Yogeswar is in police custody for years and devotees are not even allowed to offer the prayers to it.

He was a charismatic leader, shrewd planner but he used his talent to mesmerize masses an elevated himself to the level of God.

Anyone interested in the rest of the story and evaluating the proofs for them are advised to check out the evidence posted at the above website. and then go to “Swadhyay - An Untold Story

Vijay Mehta M.D. said...

Here are some links to video news about Swadhyay - Attack on Maheshbhai, Satchidanand speech, Yogeswar idol case, Pankajbhai's murder etc.

Lord Yogeswar in the Custody because of Swadhyay’s claim of copy right violation !!!!

Sant Gyaneswar Mandir. News about the Yogeswar Idol controversy in Hindi and Marathi. Didi claims to have a patent on the image of Yogeswar and because of likeness of the image she filed the suit and the Idol of Yogeswar was moved to police custody. Dada needs to be in Guiness book of record a patent on any of Hindu Gods!

More news about Yogeswar Idol controversy. People Marching in protest.

Yogesware Idol news in Marathi: Professor S K Joshi talks of Crores of rupees accumulatedn and lots of land controlled and still Didi is trying to intimidate the poor devotees. The pain is very evident in his statement.

Yogeswar Idol news in Hindi

Rally to free the Yogeswar from the jail. News in Marathi.


News in Gujarati. Maheshbhai tell how Dada told him that “Ram won Srilanka by the help of monkeys and not educated elites. Dada claimed that all this wealth was his efforts and made Didi in charge of Swadhyay.” Even before this controversy inner group of Swadhyayees were urging Dada to use large amount of funds accumulated for social causes. However, Dada would only use even a small fraction of interest income. This is why principal kept getting larger year after year. As this became clear to senior Swadhyayees they decided to leave Swadhyay. On 28th of January 2000 they attacked Maheshbhai in Madhav Baag compound. Honerable Judge Diwan resigned on 2001. Maheshbhai was attacked four times.

Jan 28, 2004 TNN News: Attack on Maheshbhai Shah and Suresh Patel

Because of difference of opinion industrialist Maheshbhai Shah and BJP president from Wagoda Suresh Patel left Swadhyay. They were accused of making derogatory statements against Jayshree Didi. Several Swadhyay followers brutally attacked them and ran away. Both of them were admitted in private hospital. Police arrested Ashishkumar Gopalbhai Shah, Hemang Krushnkant Thakar, Kamlesh Purshotambhai Ajmeri, Ameet Bhanuprasad, Sameer Rameshbhai Desai, Navinchandra Parshotambhai Shah & Arvind Babubhai Patel. All these seven Didi’s supporters were arrested.


Gujarati News: Swami Satchidanand & Editor of Aar Paar Manoj Bhimani, organize a meeting about the murder of Pankajbhai Trivedi. Satchidanand said, “ The purpose of murder was to scare anyone who would dare question the Swadhayay. Swadhayay Pariwar has become Gunda Parivar. Now that you have done a Brahm Hatya next time go with Sanyashi Hatya!” People of Gujarat are losing interest in Swadhyay because they are able to see the difference between what they are preaching and what they are actually doing.


Murder of Pankaj Trivedi
News in Hindi; Pankajbhai speaks – Bhav Nirzar –
News Gujarati – Bharat Bhatt Arrested along with 8 other Swadhyayees

Vijay Mehta M.D. said...

Here is an article from INDIA TODAY AUGUST 12, 2002

By Uday Mahurkar

He began his spiritual journey in the 1950s. He is the founder of the Swadhyaya Parivar, a religious order that has 10 million adherents in India and abroad. He has won the Templeton and Magsaysay awards. To his followers, he is the embodiment of divinity.

Today, Pandurang Athavale is 82, in the evening of life, so ill that he can barely speak. Yet a quiet and dignified culmination to his worldly mission is the last thing he is being allowed. The Swadhyaya Parivar is split over his legacy. Jayshree Talwalkar, 45, the aged preacher's niece, adopted daughter and chosen successor is being accused of hijacking his empire. "Didi", as Talwalkar is known-Athavale is universally addressed as "Dada"-is at the centre of a controversy that has gripped Gujarati society.

Though a Maharashtrian based in Mumbai, Athavale's message of the Gita and moral uplift found incredible acceptance in Gujarat. The western state is the capital of his spiritual empire. It is now a battleground, quite literally. This past week a dissident group met in an Ahmedabad hall to protest against the "dictatorial and self-glorifying" ways of Talwalkar. Swadhyayis loyal to Didi barged in and fists flew. A majority of the parivar's adherents-and of its 3,50,000 "active members"-live in
Gujarat. They have been attracted by Athavale's message of "rational religion". This stresses that religion is not just a matter of blind faith but grounded in reason and logic. Athavale's work has helped millions fight alcoholism. He was a pioneer in that he took his Vedic message to the downtrodden, to the fishermen on the western coast of Gujarat and Maharashtra, to the Vaghris, a community of vegetable vendors. Borrowing from Gandhi-who called the "Untouchables" Harijans, Children of God-he saw the fisherfolk as Sagarputras (Sons of the Sea) and the Vaghris as Deviputras (Sons of the Goddess), giving them an elevated status in his world view and, more important, preventing conversion from Hinduism.

Problems arose in this island of egalitarianism when, in 2000, Dada announced Didi would head the parivar after him. As a small faction gained control of the levers of power-and pelf-a ginger group began to ask questions. Was the parivar to be ruled by reason and meritocracy-or by dynastic succession? Matters came to a head when at a public meeting in Ahmedabad in April 2001 Athavale declared, "Those who are opposing Didi are indulging in Brahmahatya (killing of a Brahmin)." Apart from the political incorrectness, the guru's support of Talwalkar shook even his oldest disciples. Says Hitendra Gandhi, a chartered accountant who once worked closely with Talwalkar: "If we don't control the drift in the movement's ideological direction, then it is doomed. We invite Dada and Didi to an open debate." The anti-Talwalkar group comprises some Swadhyaya stalwarts. They include N.R. Sheth, former director of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Rajiv Vora, Gandhian activist, and lawyers Hemraj Ashar and Vallabhbhai Shah. Mahesh Shah once helped director Shyam Benegal make Antarnad, a film on Athavale's work. Today he rues, "Didi is the antithesis of what Dada has preached. She is more concerned with the parivar's wealth and power than spirituality." The professorial Sheth is cutting: "Dada's obsession with his adopted daughter and his refusal to follow the ideals he has been preaching is baffling. In a way, he has taken his followers for a ride."

Not that Didi-whose Mumbai office authorised her Ahmedabad followers to speak on her behalf-is bereft of support. As of now, the rebels have only managed to make a small dent in her support base. Says Rajesh Parikh, an active parivar member: "Those opposing Didi are very few but they are trying to mislead respected figures like Sheth. They are after power and wealth. They say they are following Socrates but we know they are aping Brutus." Didi's followers claim she is best suited to don the role because she is not only efficient but has proved her worth by delivering masterly discourses on Hindu philosophy.

The parivar's influence and affluence are factors in the whole game. Over the years, Athavale has called upon followers to donate 10 per cent of their income to any of the 16,000 Swadhyaya kendras across India. Bhav samarpan, as the practice is called, to Athavale, is giving a share to God. Where does this money go? One of the cornerstones of Athavale's philosophy is that it is not a religious order's duty to run schools or hospitals. This, he says, is the government's job. While there are no running projects, ad hoc programmes-after the 2001 earthquake, the parivar built 4,400 houses for victims in Kutch-use some of the money. Most of it lies in the estimated 45 trusts that Talwalkar and her husband Srinivas now control. Together, parivar sources say, the trusts are sitting on Rs 200 crore in cash and Rs 500 crore in property. Take the Thane-based Tatvagnan Vidyapith. In 2000-1, it had a corpus of Rs 45.54 crore and received another Rs 5 crore in donations. Its income from interest and dividend was Rs 3.73 crore. Its expenses were just Rs 1.71 crore. Another trust, the Sanskritic Vistarak Sangh, has around Rs 35 crore. The Jivan Sampada Trust's aim is to sell cassettes of Athavale's speeches. That of the Vandanam Trust is to market his photographs. Both do "brisk business", say the rebels. As for land, the parivar owns 15 acres, worth Rs 40 crore, in the heart of Ahmedabad alone. The Tatvagnan Vidyapith's seat near Mumbai takes up 19 acres.

The list can go on. B.J. Diwan, former chief justice of the Gujarat High Court, joined the parivar almost 50 years ago. Recently, he resigned from one of Athavale's trusts, writing a letter to the teacher and Talwalkar that reads like a chargesheet. "Dada," lamented Diwan, "who always said that the property belonged to God was now saying that the wealth
belonged to him." The letter tabulated the trusts were worth Rs 700 crore. Given the stakes, the Swadhyaya Parivar can only brace itself for a protracted inner struggle.

Here is a comprehensive and classic article and must read for any one who is trying to understand the current controversy. This was written nearly six years ago.

The controversy escalated with the transfer of leadership based genetic linkage and not merit or capability. What if Didi were to pass away, would she transfer Swadhyay to her husband and son like Mrs. Bhutto?

Dada who used to say that all this wealth is “God’s Wealth” suddenly proclaimed that this was his personal wealth. That is why all these trusts are controlled by Athawale family.

Very prominent and long time members of Pariwar left Swadhyay such as B J Diwan, former chief justice of Gujarat High Court, N.R. Sheth, the former director of Indian Institute of Management, Amadawad, Rajiv Vora, Gandhian Activist, Lawyers Hemraj Ashar and Vallabhbhai Shah, Prominent Industrialist Maheshbhai Shah who helped Director Shyam Benegal make ‘Antarnad’ a film on Dada’s work and many more. Dada refused to discuss any issues with anyone and started a campaign to smear them with character assassination.

Every prayog was a money maker but there was no program to use it for helping the humanity.

Any one raising the question met the character assassination or bodily harm or death in the hands of those who were closer to Didi.

Even at the time of most tragic event in Gujarat – the earthquake of 2001, when donation poured in from all over the world and huge sums of funds were donated by good hearted Swadhyayees from all over the world following happened. 1. In spite of the claim that they built 4534 Houses more than seven years later they are not able to show where these houses are? 2. Various trust holding of Swadhyay showed massive increase rather than decrease on their asset at the end of 2001.

One has to wonder why an organization for up liftment of human beings would resort to violence at the highest level. Why they would accumulate wealth and not even use the interest income from the several trusts for good purpose.

Why would a hindu organization make a patent of Lord Yogeswar and go to the court to put Lord Yogeswar in police custody to satisfy their thirst for money?

What happened to Jayshree Cargo – A cargo ship built by many Swadhyayees?

Why close Bhav Nirzar Temple in Amadawad and not allow devotees to pray?

Why pocket all the amount received as part of Templeton award when Dada proclaimed to media that he was not even going to touch a penny of that amount for his use but was going to add more from his funds to help the poor?

Is it really so bad to ask the accountability and transparency in managing such large amount of wealth created for greater good?

User Image

It was against this backdrop that Krantikari Pankajbhai made a very painful decision – to insist on accountability and transparency in Swadhyay. He did not do this to destroy Swadhyay for which he dedicated most of his adult life, but he did it to preserve what he felt was a great movement.

He was well aware of the danger. Several times it was made clear to him as to what was likely to happen. He even wrote letters to all the authorities in US and in India warning them of the sinister plans by Swadhyay. However all his requests fell on deaf ears. Undeterred, he chose to sacrifice his life to bring the glory to Swadhyay movement. I am sure history will judge his sacrifice just as it judged the sacrifice of Bhagat Singh. Rarely a human being demonstrates such selfless courage!

We express our strongest support to the family and friends for the great loss. You paid a heavy price for this mission.

Pankajbhai Amar Raho.

Devang said...

Dear Vijay Mehta M.D.

Please don't cross reference with story from only selected source. You should also do research before blaming any one.

You should know this better since you are M.D.

Vijay Mehta M.D. said...

Dear Devang,

Thank you for your suggestion. We posted enough links from different sources if you have any different one I would welcome you to post it here.

We are not referencing from few sources. Our blog at about "Swadhyay an untold story" is full of documents, news article, views from people, news video clips etc.

Pankajbhai Trivedi was brutally murdered in the hands of those who were very close to didi on 6/15/2008.

Gujarat High Court ruled that Swadhyay abused the legal system by filing more than 20 identical cases against Pankajbhai in remoter villages simply to harass him.

This is not an isolated case of violence but anyone who has dared to ask questions in Swadhyay has been threatened or harmed.

Didi has not set foot in the state of Gujarat since the murder. She finds time to visit US and other countries but not Gujarat. She has most followers there. Question remains, Why?

In June 2001, Swadhyay claimed that they built 4534 houses in Kutchh. So far they have failed to show where those houses exist. Do they really exist?

The land from Bhav Nirzar was obtained from Government for Temple and now it remains closed except for one or two days a week.

Swadhyay has filed a violation of patent and as a result deity of yogeshwar is in police custody.

Jayshree Cargo - a ship build by free labor is no where to be found.

Swadhyay continues to accumulate large amount of wealth and does not even spend the interest income to help those in need.

All the trusts are controlled by Athawale family and Dada declared that this was his personal wealth. He preached this to be impersonal wealth for most of his life time and suddenly changed the ownership.

Many of the long time prominent and devout followers have left Swadhyay because they were disillusioned. However most of them are so afraid that they can not even express their views in public.

Dada declared that he was not even going to use a penny of Templeton Award money for personal use but add some more and use it for helping the poor. We simply are looking for what did he do with it.

All you got to do is to read hundreds of article and news that has come out in past two years.

All one has to do is to read all the information and ask your self, does this sound like an organization involved in brotherhood of human beings?
Jay Yogeshwar.

Devang said...
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Devang said...

Dear Doctor,

I am still repeating my self. Please do research by your self and from reliable source.

By reading or writing on web doesn't mean any thing to anyone.

Pankajbhai death is worst thing for our culture. But as a doctor you should do more analysis. People look upto you.

There is no point wasting time in discussion like this which lead to no where.

abhijit said...

Dear Doctor,

Ypu need more research to do on your own.

A person changing lives of thousands of people cannot fool any any body.

I think your personal intrest came across your way and made you think like this.

If he need to collect wealth he would'nt have used his very own prize money for improving health of adivasis.

Making comment or showing a blog spot is easy doing a creative work is hard and you can know it from yourself as you r a doc.

I am not a swadhyayee but I my research subject was "Swadhyay Pariwar"

Vijay Mehta M.D. said...

“A person changing lives of thousands of people cannot fool any anybody.”

History if full of people who at the time of their success seem like infallible (can do no wrong). However later on more truth come out and we realize that person was different than what we thought. Adolph Hitler. Satyam President Raju. Granted Dada was very good at keeping all of them under control.

I am sure many people will study his methods for years to come.

I” think your personal interest came across your way and made you think like this.”
I have no personal interest or bias against Dada or Didi. On the other had I feel sorry for Dada that had he not been blinded like Dhurasthra and blinded by his moh for his daughter, this great movement could have even be greater.

“If he need to collect wealth he would'nt have used his very own prize money for improving health of adivasis.”
He never used the money for Adivasi. Not only that he took most of money for Gujarat Earthquake and pocketed them. The vast amount of wealth to day in different Swadhyay Trust are a proof of money collection ability.

‘Making comment or showing a blog spot is easy doing a creative work is hard and you can know it from yourself as you r a doc.”
You are absolutely right. Making a comment on blog is easier compared to doing creative work.

All we know is this
Crores of Rupees are earning interest while very little is being used for janseva.
Pankaj Trivedi was murdered because he asked about these funds. His killers had no personal grudge against him but they were staunch swadhyayees. Mazhab nahi sikhata Aaps mein bair rakhana.
Any one questioning them are killed or hurt or humiliated or thrown out - this is not a mark of a spiritual movement it smells more like Mafia.
They have yet to show us one house built by Swadhyay in Kutchchh.
For more information go to my blog
We simply present the truth and it is for the readers to decide for themselves.

amanpatel08 said...

before writing about anyone, you have to know him properly.
You know now days how many people are enjoying there lives by going on Dadaji's way.
you can comment only if you are equallent of him.

take care.
God Bless u.

amanpatel08 said...

before writing about anyone, you have to know him properly.
You know now days how many people are enjoying there lives by going on Dadaji's way.
you can comment only if you are equallent of him.

take care.
God Bless u.

Mahendra said...

The person named Vijay Mehta is quite an ill minded personality .I think he needs a mental checkup .The work which is world wide appreciated & awarded dosent require a certificate from an individual . Tempelton & Magassese are the highest awards to be given in the context of spirituality.Those who has any question can visit the Swadhyay kendra & see what all things happens there & then conclude the things .

Mahendra said...

The person named Vijay Mehta is quite an ill minded personality .I think he needs a mental checkup .The work which is world wide appreciated & awarded dosent require a certificate from an individual . Tempelton & Magassese are the highest awards to be given in the context of spirituality.Those who has any question can visit the Swadhyay kendra & see what all things happens there & then conclude the things .

Vijay Mehta M.D. said...

Mahendra - Devang - Abhijit and all who are defending Pandurang look at your comments.

They are like broken record singing over and over again - do the research and look at how many people have transformed their lives.

go to and check out Swadhyay the untold story and you will find a lot of research.

Name calling does not prove your point.

namdev said...

dear vijay ji....

i am deepak wanted to suggest you that please increase u r knowledge about a great soul pandurang shastri athavale...because as u written many false statement about him...for a kindly information about u there is no any kind of false information about the work of pandurang shastri athavale spread up by there followers.. and none kind of prapoganda done by them....

there are many kinds of awards given to pandurang shashtri athawale is there all the peoples are silly who offered such a award....

god gives u a good path of collecting a well knowledge because when u collect it then you say no its a real amazing information and dadaji was a someone differant from others like a great soul....

Rose | Ajay katrodiya said...

Dear vijayji..
I am not convinced you, but i wanna give my example, my life is full of enjoyment and No one tell anything to me about anykind of my work, this is because of Swadhyay.

Whatever i do in my company, is appreciable, Be honest is our nature because we believe in not only god but also in god is my active partner. So, god is observing my every action then how can i do wrong things.

This is only one virtue of my life. we are learning 32 different virtues, practically we put in our life.

So, first visit swadhyay kendra..understand Swadhyay Moralities..

Janak Patel said...

Mr Vijay Mehta,
I read some of your comments and some articles from news paper, but I can say that you want to discredit Swadhyay parivar. Dadaji has done such a great work that many people like you can not understand him. All the time you came to attend Swadhyay, just to count how much wealth is created and how much land is owned by parivar. You can not understand the meaning of "Impersonal wealth". A person would collect wealth to enjoy, but Dadaji lived like a saint till the end. However, he has rightly taught Swadhyees and I believe that, be a good citizen and human-being, but if someone (or your neighbour like you) is trying to destroy your well kept garden, you should teach him a lesson. I think we Hindus have to develop our society in such a way that next time in future no Mohmad of Gazni, will ever dare to destroy our somnath temple. It is not your fault, even some big people who left the Swadhyay after 50 years also, could not understand Dadaji. If you have guts try do some positive work for the society and try to develop people of a small village on your own. That will be great and god will be happy with you.

kaushal suthar said...

To vijay mehta,
I read your comments on the great personality pandurang shastri athavale...First,self study is very important for development of own.
"me aap ko ye nahi kehta ki aap unke baare me na bole ,agar bolna hai to pura study karke bolie, aapki baato se lagata hai ki aap swadhyay kya hai wo janane me interested hai, agar itana hi interest hai to pehle swadhyay ko samajo , kendra me jao..1 saal tak jao or agar aapko ye lage ki ye galat hai to mat jana...koi bhi achha kam ho to use todane ki kosis log jarur karenge kyuki agar sab achha hone lagega to khud ko bhi achha banana padega or achhe banane ki kisiki taiyari hai nahi.or ha sir aap uus insan ke baare me bolane ja rahe hai jo gar-gar me guma hai...aap uus insan ke baare me bol rahe ho ki jo gaav gaav guma ..kya uus insan ke pas paisa nahi tha??? are sir uus insan ko bhagvaan ne sab kuchh diya fir kyu wo apne garse nikal kar dusre ke gar jayega or wo bhi bhagvan k vichar gar gar pahunche isliye?? or aap bolte ho ki uus insan ne apne aap ko bhagvan ke level me hai esa logo ko bataya?? to sir, swami vivekananda, gandhiji ,mother teresa in sab ki tasveer log kyu lagaate hai?? kyu ki unhone desh ko ,duniya ko ...pyar kiya hai..are wo baat chhodo log apane mata pita ki tasveer garme kyu lagaate hai? kyuki unhone bacho ko pyar diya hai...
kya aap ne kabhi uus insan ko suna hai?? agar nahi suna to use sunie agar aap unke oppose me bolna chahte hai to...sir wo insan gar gar pahuncha hai kyuki use duniya pe pyar hai ,kyuki ye duniya ishwar ne banai hai...sir yaha pe sochne ki baat ye aati hai ki kya me jis vichar me believe karta hu ,uus vichar ko gar gar pahunchane k liye jata hu?chahe me naastik bhi kyu na hu??? are pure week me 1 ghanta bhi nikalta hu ? agar sir me nahi nikalta to matlab ye nikalta hai ki muje yaato us vichar pe bharosa nahi hai yaato us vichar pe pyar nahi hai .
sir me to yahi kahunga ki ham yahi sochate hai jo ham dekhte hai,par hame wo bhi sochna chahiya jo hamne nahi dekha......ham hamaari sochne ki shakti ke anusaar hi kisi bhi insan ke baare bolte hai...for example : jise cricket bahut jyada pasand hai wo sachin tendulker ko apna idol maanega , jise paisa bahut chahiye or uske pichhe hi laga rehta hai wo , bill gates ko idol maanega......................."jiski jitni development vaisa uska idol"..

nirmal baldaniya said...

harramee vijay jab hathee ke aaspass kutte bhonkate he to hathi uski aur dekhta bhi nahi he kyo ki use maloom he ki kutta sirf bhokta he

nirmal baldaniya said...

aur tera mental chec up karva

vasudev said...

kya dadaji ne shri vallabhacharya se,eknath se kam kaam kiya hai? boliye mr vijay mehta do research pahele ek gaavn khada karke dekhaye phir boliye then what about templton prize only 4 indians won it plz reply

Unknown said...
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Prathamesh Gaonkar said...

Vijay mehta think twice before you speak of such a respected seem to be hating swadhyay for no speak of accumulating wealth and all but you might not know how swadhyay has brought a positive sense of hope to millions.swadhyay parivar is such a community that even after reading your bullshit views swadhyayis will come to your place and give you the message of divine brotherhood